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Change your narrative, change your LIFE.

Check out the webinar ⬇️

It was an honor to speak at the International Coaching Week 2023 and it was a success

Here is the replay of the webinar 🎬 Hope you will gain awareness and the tools needed to create a more powerful reality 💯

You are the story you tell yourself, make it good!

You are the creator of your life! You are the writer, leading role and the producer of your movie called “Life on earth”.

Everyone has a story, beginning, middle and end.

We all are born from a mother, struggle to walk, eat, write, we all went through obstacle, happiness, deficiency, breakthrough, breakdown, victories, deception, emotions, trauma, and most of all we have survived it all.

But the Narrative is the way you share your story and makes it ALIVE.

You can make yourself (the leading role of your life) a victim or a hero. Make it depressing or inspiring.

Sometimes we spend decade playing a part that doesn't identify with our real strength, or hopes or dreams. Telling ourselves “I lack confidence but it’s because, I'm stupid, no one understand me,..."

Understand that each time you have this self-talk (inner dialogue) you reinforce it, and your mind will believe you and create the environment fitting your beliefs.

Changing the narrative is changing the focus, the energy and the outcome.

Be the Best version of yourself.

Feel free to share your take away, to like and spread the message.

Your Coach, Christy Evenepoel

Much Love ❤️

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